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About the Targeted Protein Degradation Summit

As the previously untapped drug discovery opportunity promised within the proteome becomes a reality and “undruggable” targets are finally being reached, the field of targeted protein degradation is truly changing the face of small molecule drug discovery. In the pursuit to demonstrate safe and effective clinical results, it's clear that a set of unique development challenges must be overcome for these novel therapeutics to achieve their seemingly limitless potential.

With 50+ speakers, 40+ late-breaking case studies, 3 dedicated streams, 6 technical deep-dives & 350+ attendees, TPD 2019 is the most comprehensive and the definitive guide for large pharma, innovative biotech and leading academic researchers to capitalize on this emerging therapeutic class and make targeted protein degradation a blockbuster therapeutic approach that improves patient outcomes.


Join Your Protein Degradation Community To:

  • Explore the Ubiquitin System & Overcoming Novel Target Discovery Challenges
  • Leverage Versatile Tools in the Toolbox to Mediate Ubiquitin & Lysosomal Ligase Targeting
  • Advance In Vitro & In Vivo Drug Target Validation for PROTAC Discovery
  • Innovate TPD Modalities by Uncovering Novel Biology & Disease Targeting Strategies
  • Tackle the Chemical Challenges of Emerging TPD Strategies
  • Expand the Horizon Beyond PROTAC Induced Degradation & Potential Therapeutic Benefits
  • Enable Immediate & Selective Protein Degradation Through Medicinal Chemistry Optimization
  • Improve Potency, Selectivity & Bioavailability by Rational & Scalable Drug Discovery Approaches
  • Address Key Translational Challenges Towards Accelerated & Successful Clinical Development
TPD in numbers - 350+