Hear Why the Leaders in the TPD Field Keep Coming Back to the Annual TPD Summit

Attendee Testimonials


“A must-attend if you work in the field of protein degradation”

Olivier Bedel

Senior Principal Scientist, Amgen

Michal Plewe

“Fantastic speakers, great audience, well organized, the most important conference in the TPD field, impossible to skip if you want to stay informed of recent developments in the field.”

Michael Plewe

SVP, Cullgen


“Cutting-edge science and latest development. One single forum to see it all”

Alfonso de Dios

Senior Fellow, Eli Lilly & Co


“The TPD Summit was an amazing, collaborative conference gathering the latest and greatest minds in an extremely promising field."

Gary Choy

Co-Founder & CEO, F5 Therapeutics


“Excellent meeting for everyone involved in the TPD area, highly recommend attending next year”

Denis Kazyulkin

Head of Drug Discovery, Genome Protection

Christina Schindler

“A must-attend for everyone working in TPD”

Christina Schindler

Principal Scientist, Merck KGaA


“Great opportunity to understand the current status of and recent advances within the TPD landscape”

Maddie Maloney

Senior Analyst, Northpond Ventures

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“4 days of high value content and engaging speakers and moderators - a must for those interested in the field of targeted degradation”

Thomas Smith

Associate Director, Novartis

Kevin Foley

“The Annual TPD Summit is the key conference to attend in the TPD field, bringing together the best academic and industry speakers in this important emerging field”

Kevin Foley

CSO, Ranok Therapeutics

Speaker Testimonials


“PROTAC approaches to develop antiviral drugs is a new strategy. The world has not overcome the SARS epidemic. It is likely that outbreak of highly transmissible and pathogenic virus will continue to devastate the world economies. PROTAC-based drugs have not been successful antiviral therapy thus far. This presentation will illustrate a promising PROTAC approach to irradicate SARS-CoV-2”

Tauseef Butt

CEO, Progenra

Origami therapeutics

“As the field of targeted protein degradation matures, it’s critical to have the best and brightest minds sharing experience and insights so that we can all deliver the best medicines for the patients and their families. The Hanson Wade Targeted Protein Degradation Conference is designed to do just that through speaker presentations and workshops”

Beth Hoffman 

CEO, Origami Therapeutics

Foghorn THerapeutics

“TPD is an excellent meeting to get an overview of the field and be exposed to all of the cutting-edge trends and approaches in targeted protein degradation.”

David Millan

VP Chemistry, Foghorn Therapeutics

Ranok therapeutics

“This conference has become the “must attend” annual opportunity to interact with thought leaders in this exciting area”

Kevin Foley

CSO, Ranok Therapeutics

c4 therapeutics

“In such a rapidly evolving field, it is nice to have a venue to check in on progress across companies.  This is an excellent forum to meet the key players in the field and absorb new advances.”

Kate Jackson

Senior Director of Chemistry, C4 Therapeutics


“The Summit has developed as the most important event for our community where we annually discuss trends and advances in the TPD field”

Markus Queisser

Scientific Director, GSK

Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson logo

“The annual TPD summit meeting allows for exchanges with the critical minds across a vast cross-discipline field. Not only can you learn the latest developments but also identify future breakthroughs”

Jennifer Venable

Senior Scientific Director, Discovery Chemistry, Janssen Research & Development

Monte-Rosa (1)

“This is a great opportunity to get updated on new technologies, targets, and indications in the TPD space from leading experts in both academia and pharma.”

Monte Rosa

CTO, Monte Rosa Therapeutics


“Developing protein degrader drugs targeting neurodegenerative disease is the next biggest challenge. PROTACs will have limited application in the CNS disease space. Molecular glues that target specific E3 ligases is an attractive approach. This meeting is a fantastic platform that brings innovative ideas to tackle the challenges associated with developing protein degradation therapies” 

Kumar Suresh 

Senior Director R&D, Progenra Inc