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TPD Press Releases

Explore the press releases from the 5th TPD Summit!

Expect many more press releases this year, with lots of new data to be shared by 100+ experts.

An Exclusive Interview With:
Jennifer Johnston, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, NysnoBio

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The TPD Landscape: A Review
Conducted by Beacon Targeted Therapies

Nurix Interview
5th Targeted Protein Degradation Summit

Hear from Arthur T. Sands, M.D., Ph.D., president and CEO of Nurix Therapeutics, as he shares his thoughts on the TPD field and why he’s excited about the upcoming conference. He also gives a sneak peek to what he and the Nurix team will be presenting next month.

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Beacon Brainstorms Podcast:
Alessio Ciulli on Drug Design and the Future of TPD

Sofia Rodriguez talks to Alessio Ciulli, professor of chemical structural biology at the University of Dundee and Co-Founder of Amphista Therapeutics, the leading Europe-based TPD company. Join us to hear about his lab's ground-breaking research into protein degradation, the opening of the new Centre for Targeted Protein Degradation (CeTPD), and the opportunities and challenges of novel degrader design.