Partnership Opportunities

Get Involved at the TPD Summit

We partner with cutting-edge service providers and CROs with capabilities in early drug discovery, medicinal chemistry optimization and pre-clinical development, to help the industry overcome existing challenges to further progress this emerging therapeutic modality and to unlock the undruggable proteome once and for all.

If you have relevant capabilities in this space and would like to align your brand with the targeted protein degradation community, please contact us to promote your company through our bespoke commercial packages.

Email to request more information.

Why Partner?

Generate Leads

Generate new business leads by securing valuable face time with key decision-makers 

Brand Awareness

Build brand awareness and increase market share through pre-conference and at-event advertising. Differentiate your company from competitors

Gain Trust

Gain the trust of drug developers by presenting on the main agenda and position yourself as an essential partner for success

Showcase Product

Showcase your expertise through our exhibition booths and give potential customers an insight into your capabilities