About TPD

What’s Was New for 2023?

Having just concluded the latest summit, always striving to remain at the cutting edge of TPD development, this year's event showcased brand new data from leading degrader companies and provided a platform for the field to voice their questions to the FDA for the very first time.

Whilst continuing to deliver breaking clinical updates first and foremost from the field’s key players; Nurix Therapeutics, C4 Therapeutics, Foghorn Therapeutics, Arvinas, and Kymera Therapeutics, the summit also featured an additional discovery track, to cater for and support the rapidly expanding network of early-stage developers in the field.

Key 2023 Agenda Highlights

Brand New Day:

TPD in CNS: A New Frontier Medicine

CNS drug discovery and development is experiencing a renaissance with the advent of targeted protein degradation. Degrader molecules have the potential to remove disease-causing proteins like parkin and amyloids. Join CNS pioneers like Arvinas, Origami Therapeutics, NysnoBio, Amphista, and Prazer Therapeutics as they unite for the very first time under one roof to tackle oral bioavailability, biomarker discovery, brain penetration and more.

Brand New Tracks:

From Target Validation to Lead Optimization

With overwhelming demand for additional discovery presentations at the 5th TPD Summit, we have introduced…

‘Target ID & Hit Validation Track’:
Expect to engage in open discussion around novel E3 ligase identification, validation, and characterization, as well as discovery efforts into ligands and binders for this high value protein class.

‘Lead Optimization Track’:
Get granular with expert medicinal chemistry insight into candidate degrader biochemical properties to create highly potent, orally bioavailable, tissue selective compounds.

Brand New Voices:

The Key Opinion Leaders are Back

At a time when this community is poised for more clinical success yet continues to battle for available funding to progress this pioneering drug modality, uniting the industry’s key thought leaders is crucial. Hear what Angela Cacace, Matt Disney, and Gwenn Hansen have to say about the future of TPD and come armed with the questions that will accelerate your internal decision-making and make your entry into clinic smoother and faster.