Who Attends?

Who Attends? - 6th TPD Summit

A conference like no other… built with meticulously curated insight directly from you, the TPD industry’s biotech, academia and large pharma community, across all disciplines ranging from C-suite to computational sciences, from medicinal chemistry to CMC.

You told us what you needed to see to advance your degrader development pipelines and we listened.

6th Targeted Protein Degradation Summit seniority of attendees
6th Targeted Protein Degradation Summit companies by geography

Split Across 4 Distinct Tracks Based on the Stage of Drug Development You'll Find:

1. Target ID & Hit Validation: A-Alpha Bio, Monte Rosa Therapeutics, Orionis Biosciences, Structural Genomics Consortium, AbbVie, GSK

2. Lead Optimization: C4 Therapeutics, FIMECS, Plexium, Merck KGaA, Cullgen, Neomorph, Blueray Biopharma

3. Preclinical Development: Pfizer, Degron Therapeutics, Arvinas, Novartis, Proteovant Therapeutics, Astellas, 76Bio

4. Clinical Development: Nurix, FDA, AUTOTAC Bio, Hinova Pharmaceuticals, Kymera Therapeutics, Salarius Pharmaceuticals

Snapshot of Previously Attending Companies:

previous attending companies to TPD Summit