Finally Drug the “Undruggable” Through Targeted Protein Degradation

With the first two PROTAC-based therapies reaching the clinical setting last year, the field of targeted protein degradation is undoubtably redefining the therapeutic landscape across the whole of the pharmaceutical industry. Despite the evident success, significant challenges are continuing to hold back the progress of the discovery and development of safe and effective protein degraders.

Returning this year in a digital capacity, the 3rd Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) Summit, as the most comprehensive and definitive event in the field of protein degradation, is proud to showcase the very latest case studies and unique perspectives from 60+ pioneering experts to enable you to successfully degrade intracellular and extracellular targets, leverage the power of the ubiquitin- proteasome system & autophagy-mediated degradation and optimize PK/PD properties of next generation protein degraders for applications in oncology and beyond.

As TPD-based therapeutics continue to generate a new frontier in the field of medicine, join 400+ leaders including C-Level Executives, VPs, & Directors of the leading biopharmaceutical organizations to gain a unique insight into the latest developments of the field and walk away with valuable connections and future directions to drive forward your TPD strategies.

What You Can Expect at TPD Summit 2020:

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Our Expert Speaker Faculty Includes:

Jay Bradner


Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

Craig Crews

John C. Malone Professor of MCDB, Chemistry & Pharmacology

Yale University

Alessio Ciulli

Professor of Chemical & Structural Biology

University of Dundee

Nello Mainolfi

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

Kymera Therapeutics

Richard Glynne

Chief Scientific Officer

Lycia Therapeutics

Ian Churcher

Chief Scientific Officer

Amphista Therapeutics

Ryan Potts

Executive Director & Head of Induced Proximity Platform


John Houston

President & Chief Executive Officer


Philipp Cromm

Discovery Chemist


Ingrid Wertz

Principal Scientist & Project Team Lead


Attendees Confirmed For 2020 Include:

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“TPD has expanded from a chemical biology tool to a therapeutic modality that redefines the “druggable” target landscape. This meeting will highlight key findings in the field of protein degradation and demonstrate the journey from degrader to therapeutic”

Jay Bradner, President, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research


Partners Confirmed For 2020

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