Finally Drug the “Undruggable” Through Targeted Protein Degradation

As the most comprehensive, industry-focused and ‘must-attend’ event in the field, the 4th Targeted Protein Degradation Summit returns to once again explore the latest approaches, perspectives, and data-driven case studies that will continue to advance PROTACs, molecular glues, and other degrader modalities towards clinical success.

With 70+ world-class speakers and over 500 senior attendees from around the globe, join the largest community of protein degradation experts for a deep dive into clinical development progress, lessons learnt and novel strategies to develop safe, selective and effective PROTACs, molecular glues, lysosomal degradation, autophagy-mediated degraders as well as uncovering novel degrader modalities and approaches for oncology and beyond.

Download the event guide to see who you will meet on the day, our expert speaker faculty and what will be discussed.

Complete Your 4 Day TPD Experience

Pre-Conference Workshop Day


Being largely discussion based, the pre-conference workshops are a unique part of the agenda. These will enable you to go one step further by collaborating in an intimate environment with fellow TPD drug developers who are actively working on the same challenges as you.

Take your pick from 9 workshops, including:

  1. TPD 101
  2. Determining the Kinetics of Small Molecule Induced Ubiquitination to Improve Drug Design
  3. De-Risking Clinical Development
  4. Developing Small Molecule Degraders for Neurodegenerative Diseases
  5. Future Potential & Directions of O’PROTACs
  6. Overcoming PROTAC Resistance
  7. Utilizing the Autophagy Pathway for Degradation
  8. Developing Clinically Relevant Potency Assays
  9. Successfully Delivering Degraders to the Tumor Target Site

2 Day Conference: 3 Tracks


Here at the TPD Summit, we aim to equip your entire team with up-to-date knowledge through 3 comprehensive tracks of learning. Providing the full end-to-end experience, there is something for everyone with the following topics:

  1. Accelerating Discovery & Emerging Strategies
  2. Optimizing Drug Design & Pre-Clinical Validation
  3. Robust Translation & Clinical Development Considerations

One of the biggest benefits of the digital world is that if you would like to move between tracks, this is just a click away! No more running between rooms to make the next talk in time. Bring your colleagues to divide and conquer, ensuring your whole company can benefit from the full range of world-class expertise being showcased from our 75 expert speakers.

Post Conference Focus Day


Diving deeper into topics is a huge part of the Targeted Protein Degradation Summit and in the digital world, this is no different. We strive to bring you in-depth insights into emerging areas of interest and hottest topics in the TPD field to accelerate your expertise in one carefully condensed day.

Topics include:

  • Target Selectivity
  • Target Engagement
  • Expanding the E3 Toolbox
  • Mechanistic Modelling of Covalent PROTACs

Enjoy a full day of presentations that highlight the biggest opportunities in the space and address their unique challenges to successfully characterize and optimize degraders.

What You Can Expect

4th TPD Summit 2021 infographics key stats
In Partnership with Kymera

Rising Stars of TPD

Do you know a Post-Doc that is working on ground-breaking science? In support of the next generation of scientific and business leaders, we are inviting 3 budding pioneers of TPD to join the community and be exposed to the trail blazing developments in this space! Brought to you in exclusive partnership with Kymera Therapeutics, an expert panel of industry leaders will select this year’s winners, providing an opportunity to present a poster and meet with the TPD leaders, take advantage of this opportunity to drive the progress of the next generation of leaders.

Deadline for Entries: October 8, 2021

Group Discounts Available

Multi-Pass Discount

10% Discount – 3+ Passes
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20% Discount – 9+ Passes

A Snapshot of 2021 Attendees

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