Finally Drug the “Undruggable” Through Targeted Protein Degradation

As the most comprehensive, industry-focused and ‘must-attend’ event in the field, the 4th Targeted Protein Degradation Summit returns in October 2021 to once again explore the latest approaches, perspectives, and data-drive case studies that will continue to advance PROTACs, molecular glues, and other degrader modalities towards clinical success.

The 4th TPD Summit will unite 600+ biopharma and leading academic experts to capitalize on this emerging therapeutic class. We look forward to seeing the exciting advancements of degrader strategies in the clinic, discovering the latest translation and pre-clinical updates from the leaders in the space, and uncovering novel degrader modalities and approaches, which aim to make targeted protein degradation a truly blockbuster therapeutic in the quest to drug the undruggable.

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“TPD has expanded from a chemical biology tool to a therapeutic modality that redefines the “druggable” target landscape. This meeting will highlight key findings in the field of protein degradation and demonstrate the journey from degrader to therapeutic”

Jay Bradner, President, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research


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