Targeted Protein Degradation: Chemical Biology to Therapeutics

Time: 12:00 pm
day: Day One


  • The increasingly atomic resolution of human biology presents an unprecedented opportunity for the innovation of definitive medicines for life-threatening diseases. Still, many well-defined, high-value protein targets remain “undruggable” – beyond the limits of historical efforts in ligand discovery
  • Discussing progress in the field of targeted protein degradation (TPD), inspired by natural products and advances in chemical-induced dimerization
  • Highlighting both foundational research as well as our recent, first all-chemical approach that establishes design principles for new ligands, demonstrates extensibility to numerous cellular targets, and informs mechanistic target validation and cellular biology
  • Lead optimization of chemical probes brings extraordinary (sub-nanomolar) potency, reveals catalyst-like activity, and now emanates first-in-class therapeutics
  • Discussing learnings from our TPD Initiative, including curious challenges, around which our ongoing research organizes