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Mass Spectrometric analysis of PROTAC/Degrader experiments

Much PROTAC research is monitored by a western blot showing the loss of a target protein band.      We perform the analysis of Degrader related proteins (and their Ub-PTM’s) by TMT based High Resolution Mass Spectrometry.

  • Check the target protein has been removed/reduced via your Degrader action
  • Quantify the effect of target protein loss has on downstream signalling events in your model system
  • Look for Degrader off-target effects on other protein classes
  • Measure Ubiquitinylated (KGG) intermediates
  • Peptidomic measurements of cleaved peptides to confirm Degrader mechanism of action

We are a CRO specialising in the analysis of proteins and their associated PTM’s via advanced Mass Spectrometry.  By using proprietary methodologies, we can detect up to 8,000 proteins per sample in Discovery mode and can offer multiplexed assays of up to 100 proteins/sample in a GCLP accredited Targeted assay.

With their proprietary bioinformatics software, this detected global protein pool can be trimmed down to some tens of proteins that are either significantly up-, or down-regulated with disease progression or drug treatment.

Team Members

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Richard Dennis

Chief Commercial Officer