Media Partners

Media Partners

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We work with a variety of organizations and associations that share our interest in this industry. We come together to ensure our community have access to relevant information, news and services, and to spread the word about our event to people we believe it will be beneficial for. If you would like to discuss a media partnership, please get in contact:

Pharma Journalist 

Pharma Journalist is a paramount B2b online magazine platform exhibiting targeted and succinct information concerning the world of Pharmaceutical Industry therefore keeping a tab on the updated and latest updates and trends concerning the field.

Our widespread and market specific content write-ups cater to Industry professionals intending to keep pace with this dynamic and revolutionary industry. Articles like latest news, trends, analysis, market reports, press releases, whitepapers , case studies, etc, enable further insight as well as an in-depth interpretation of industry trends. 

Our editorial staff is committed to disseminating concise facts and information to its readers and subscribers by collating credible information from known sources and decoding them  in the form of innumerable content pieces. Ranging from objective facts to subjective, analytical studies enables a holistic view of the topics scouted for.

It is noteworthy that Pharma Journalist which is a product of Kellen Media also offers a plethora of online marketing services aiding companies and organizations to reach out to targeted audiences based on the geographical and demographic profiles ensuring enhanced reach and visibility garnered for their products or events paving way for accentuated brand awareness



Endpoints News

Endpoints News is an independent news organization, reporting and analyzing the top global biotech and pharmaceutical R&D news of the day. We produce original editorial on a daily basis on business deals, buyouts and corporate reorganizations to FDA actions and the latest clinical data on some of the world’s most closely watched drugs.



Big4Bio is the leading aggregator service for the top four life science hubs in the world: Greater Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, the San Diego region, and Greater Philadelphia. Big4Bio’s newsletters and additional channels provide complete daily coverage of the life science developments in these regions to the industry’s top professionals and executives.


The Degrader Digest 

The Degrader Digest provides relevant updates on industry events, TPD companies, and recent media and scientific articles. This digest is contributed by Marc A. Cohen, the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of C4 Therapeutics, who is an enthusiastic advocate of the targeted protein degradation (TPD) approach to diseases. Marc would like to work together to improve the digest for the TPD community, which includes academia and industry, to ultimately raise awareness of this approach for many diseases. Please join us in this cause by contributing content (animations to illustrate complex biological processes are a plus!) and I look forward to working with you!

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