“TPD has expanded from a chemical biology tool to a therapeutic modality that redefines the “druggable” target landscape. This meeting will highlight key findings in the field of protein degradation and demonstrate the journey from degrader to therapeutic”


2020 Speaker - Jay Bradner

Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

2020 Speaker - Alessio Ciulli
Professor of Chemical & Structural Biology
University of Dundee


“It is invaluable to take part and contribute to the flagship event gathering many of the leading experts, from both academia and the industry, TPD drug hunters and practitioners, and newbies in this exciting new field"

“This meeting provides a forum to debate the evolving landscape of protein degradation with both the leaders in the field and those new to the area, with fresh ideas for new applications”


2020 Speaker - Stew Fisher
Chief Scientific Officer

C4 Therapeutics

2020 Speaker - Haojing Rong
Vice President of Pre-Clinical Development

Kymera Therapeutics


“Mechanistic understanding of PK/PD relationship will be the key to develop TPD successfully and efficiently.  I look forward to sharing my experience and learning from scientists in this field”

“The TPD Summit is developing into a key event for the whole field. It is an important to have an annual event where the whole field is meeting and discussing trends and advances in the TPD field”


2020 Speaker - Markus Queisser
Scientific Leader


2020 Speaker - Ingrid Wertz
Principal Scientist & Project Team Lead



“A valuable meeting to attend to hear the latest in ubiquitin research from leaders in basic science, biotech, and big pharma”

“TPD 2019 provided a great forum for the cutting-edge discoveries and advances in the field, and opportunities to meet key leaders.”


Past Attendee - Charu Chaudhry
Senior Investigator – Research

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Past Attendee - Jennifer Venable
Senior Director -Scientific

Johnson & Johnson


“Excellent multi-disciplinary conference with updates at the forefront of targeted protein degradation”

“It was a fantastic conference with quality presentations from the leaders in this field. I left with a firm belief that it is not a question of if a PROTAC will become a drug but when.”


Past Attendee - Richard Caldwell

EMD Serono

Past Attendee - Kaelyn Wilke
Emerging Chemical Synthesis & Product Manager

Millipore Sigma


“The summit presents an excellent hub for the TPD community to share news, insights, and propel the field forward.”

“I found the program to be very informative and thought provoking with excellent speakers and stimulating content.”


Past Attendee - Cynthia Hector
Senior Engineer - Clinical Field

Abbott Laboratories

Past Attendee - Paola Castaldi
Associate Director & Head of Chemical Biology



“The Boston Targeted Protein Degradation Summit brought together the most experienced scientific community in this filed and enabled stimulating discussions on recent advancements including the first clinical data”